Roy Blunt

Posted September 15, 2008

leaders this week are expected to bring forth an energy bill that’s long on political posturing, but short on meaningful solutions.

Posted June 04, 2008

Democrats in the House this afternoon will attempt to sneak through a provision in a “Secure Rural Schools” bill to nullify energy contracts worked out between U.S. producers and the Clinton administration.

Posted March 07, 2008

Approaching nearly 10 million words and stretching an interminable 67,000 pages, the American tax code exists today as complicated mess of pitfalls, pratfalls, and potholes.

Posted May 03, 2007

Fresh off a vote last week urging our abrupt surrender in Iraq, and just hours removed from coming up 62 votes short in an attempt to override the president's veto, Democrats will use the House floor this afternoon to slide through legislation conceived of, written by, and moved in consultation with a key segment of their special interest constituency.

Posted March 29, 2007

Whether you're managing the finances for a household of one, a business of a thousand, or a government of several hundred million, there's no more important statement of fiscal intent you can make than putting together a responsible budget - one that acknowledges its available means, and makes a reasonable attempt to live within them.