Roger Schlesinger

How come the public, you and perhaps me, (in my case it is generally tall tales about my golf ) seems to consider the truth as an optional choice in their communications with the masses? Is an innuendo considered fact and is this the way we should communicate? In our attempt to adhere to "political correctness" does the truth matter or is it something to be used only if it fits the message of what you are trying to convey? I bring this up because mortgage brokers, bankers and even secretaries in mortgage companies had been downgraded in the public's mind to be at best, on a par with politicians, if that's possible. That, of course was when we in the mortgage industry were discovered to have created the worst crisis since the great depression, as well as starting the fire at Mrs. O'Leary's place and rumored to have made the loan to the Mara's to buy Giant stadium and bury that union guy in the outfield.

The industry, as a whole, found religion, cleaned up their act, turned over a new leaf and got rid of the rascals.

Overnight our popularity pushed us ahead of lepers, third world leaders, the hierarchy of OPEC and Brent Favre in Eau Claire. We were back! And then the advertising started anew and we have dropped to a level where we have to look up to the likes of Blago and Robert Gibbs. I therefore have appointed myself, without referring to any or all of my golf adventures, to set the story straight and raise our image to the level of at least Chris Dodd and Barney Frank! (So I don't have great aspirations)

The mortgage industry is truly unique. We have a major nationwide mortgage company that was created on a slogan that wasn't true. They have grown to epic proportions and still use the same slogan, that still isn't true. Along the way they made changes, I'm sure, because many potential borrowers' credit was harmed through their business model. I haven't seen the problem in the last several years so they must have got that right.

Let's now look at the biggest offenders and allow me to explain the actual reality of the situation as I see them.

1. "We negotiated with the major lenders and convinced them to waive their fees to earn your business."

2."It's our money and it's our rules."

3.. "First we check with all the lenders across the nation and then pick the best one for you.”

All of the above certainly sounds good but in my humble opinion it is exactly what the title of the article states. I have spent two decades listening and watching these heathens quote us their form of religion, believin’ in deceivin’, and simply shake my head. It just doesn't add up and I am going to show you the "math."

Roger Schlesinger

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