Robert M. Duncan

Since November 4th, 2008 we at the Republican National Committee have focused our time to address where we are and where we go from here as a Party. As Chairman of the Committee, I have seen where we have excelled during the 2008 election cycle and where we need to continue to improve.

Many questions have arisen since Election Day, but one question that I have continued to contemplate is one that will be central to our success: How does the Republican Party recapture the confidence and trust of Americans who may share common political beliefs, but who, in their daily lives, are facing life issues that may not fit so neatly into one easily defined category or the other?

I believe the GOP must find a way to relate more to the everyday concerns of families across the country, while at the same time staying true to our core conservative principles and beliefs.

Make no mistake; I believe there is no path forward without a recommitment to our party’s ideals. And, as with all things, reconnecting with those ideals is not a matter of mere aspiration. It takes hard work. It takes rigorous thinking, careful analysis, and policy smarts. The recommitment must be forward-looking, but it must be grounded in a principled governing philosophy.

It is my firm belief that the Republican Party can and must provide that leadership, just as it has in similar circumstances throughout our history.

The Republican Party today must be even more aggressive and innovative and that is why we are announcing the creation of the Center for Republican Renewal, a new office dedicated to identifying the most innovative ideas and policies from across the nation. The goal of the Center will be to make the Republican Party more policy-driven and substantive. With the formation of the center, the Republican Party will reclaim the mantle as the “Party of ideas.”

We will look beyond the Beltway to America itself – to our governors and mayors and other state and local officials. We will listen to conservative think tanks and policy leaders from every corner of the country. We will work closely with our policy leaders on Capitol Hill, both to learn from their experiences and to make sure that the best ideas are reaching them for their consideration. When it comes to the sharing of ideas and policies, there can be no one-way streets, only eight-lane superhighways.

Robert M. Duncan

Robert M. (Mike) Duncan, a 30-year political strategist and veteran of Republican politics, is the Chairman of the Republican National Committee.
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