Robert Knight
Here’s a bulletin based on an unscientific survey and verified by friends: Obama stickers are getting harder to spot.

That’s right. The ubiquitous blue stickers with the round, red-white-and blue symbol are coming off the bumpers. Even in northern Virginia, which has large pockets of yellow dog Democrats, the stickers are disappearing.

Is this evidence of buyer’s remorse? If it is, someone should tell Pepsi, which changed its logo to look like the Obama symbol and plastered slogans on its ads that implied it was part of “hope” and “change.” They might want to do what Coca-Cola did after the bust of the “new Coke” and go back to their original logo.

Arguing with Idiots By Glenn Beck

As Obama sinks in the polls, the absence of triumphal stickers is becoming glaringly obvious. They used to be as ubiquitous as ants at a picnic. You still see Kerry 2004 and even Gore 2000 stickers on some cars, usually on a Volvo or on a Subaru, the unofficial car of women who wear comfortable shoes. But Obama? Who’s he? You mean the pitchman who’s constantly on television? Isn’t the election over?

America is taking Mr. Obama’s measure and reassessing rapidly. From initiating a gusher of spending, appointing a gaggle of radicals, glad-handing America’s enemies and targeting our own security personnel, the president has alienated one constituency after another. Pretty soon all he will have left will be the pansexual, Star Wars bar crowd and, of course, the unions, which spent $1 billion during the 2008 election cycle and want to jam “card check” down America’s throat to end the right to resist their goons.

Mr. Obama, who once flew high at 70 percent, still has an approval rating of 48 percent, which means a lot of people still expect a government handout. But people registering more negative views of the president are gaining. And, again, those stickers are becoming the oddity when just a while ago they were the rule.

Robert Knight

Robert Knight is an author, senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a frequent contributor to Townhall.