Rich Galen

Once again, Donald Trump trumped the rest of the world and made a grand opera out of an otherwise modestly interesting situation.

You may be aware that the Republican party of Nevada is holding its precinct caucuses tomorrow to choose delegates to the GOP national convention in Tampa in August.

There is not the frenzy that attended the Iowa caucuses because there have already been four election events in this GOP primary cycle even though Iowans not only got it wrong on election night, but lost the results of eight precincts and so when they got around to declaring the actual winner to be Rick Santorum (17 years after the event) the Iowa caucuses had no meaning.

And they may never have any meaning again.

Nevertheless, many of us are hoping that, given the training many citizens of Nevada have received to be able to calculate the payout on a hard six at the craps table, or a double-down at the blackjack stand that they will better able to count ballots than their Hawkeye brethren.

Where was I?

Oh, yes. Donald Trump.

I talk to a lot of people each and every day. Elected officials, journalists, senior political hacks, and just folks.

A lot.

That doesn't mean I have talked to everybody, but of all the people I've talked to I have not had a single one say, "I'm waiting to see who Donald Trump is going to endorse before I decide for whom I'm going to vote."

Or, "… who I'm going to vote for" which is grammatically incorrect but far less stuffy sounding.

Have you?

So, sometime on Wednesday night the campaign staff of Newt Gingrich began leaking the fact that Gingrich was going to be touched by The Donald on Thursday and receive his endorsement.

No one believes political endorsements mean much - if anything - but like a newspaper's endorsement it is better to get one than for your opponent to get it. Remember that as recently as South Carolina the major newspaper in Columbia, The State, made a passionate case as to why it was endorsing Jon Huntsman just hours before Huntsman withdrew from the race.

Nevertheless, Trump was going to be a big "get" for Gingrich, helping him to make his case that he is the Washington outsider.

All morning the Twitter-verse was quivering with announced Facebook IPO and the expected Trump-Gingrich merger.

The Gingrich-verse was so taken by it that Gingrich cancelled a scheduled meeting with Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval to make room on his schedule for the endorsement event.

Rich Galen

Rich Galen has been a press secretary to Dan Quayle and Newt Gingrich. Rich Galen currently works as a journalist and writes at