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City officials from coast-to-coast have finally decided to live up to their responsibilities to enforce the law and have been evicting the Occupy (fill-in-the-blank) squatters from public spaces.

The District of Columbia has decided to allow the squatters to remain in McPherson Square Park because … well, maybe so the city won't have to mow the grass until next Spring.

I am not totally unsympathetic to the general theory of the demonstrators: The deck is stacked in favor of the people who have the lion's share of the chips because they already own the casino.

In the end, the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement was a pale shadow (how's that for an oxymoron?) of the Arab Spring demonstrations.

Part of the problem for the OWS crowd was nobody paid much attention to them. I suppose people who actually work on Wall Street paid attention to people who were attempting to occupy it.

But Manhattan is a pretty big island and for most New Yorkers a bunch of rich kids from New Rochelle sleeping in tents and relieving themselves in garbage cans was not much of a reason to miss their morning bagel-and-a-schmear before they got to the office

The only actual action that made national news was the Oakland, California cell which shut down the Port of Oakland for a day or so. According to the organizers wanted to "halt the flow of capital" into the port.

It was largely that kind of sophomore beer-pong-induced crypto-Marxist crap which caused the rest of use not to take them seriously.

The popular press was largely in favor of the OWS demonstrations because many of them have been trained in spewing similar crypto-Marxist crap since J-school.

Yesterday New York's Mayor Bloomberg decided two months was a long-enough demonstration and ordered the cops to clear the park where the OWSers have been camped. At least four journalists "were arrested, handcuffed and hauled onto police buses along with hundreds of protesters," according to the Wall Street Journal.

I love a happy ending, don't you?

However, the journalists "were released a few hours after they were detained," the WSJ reported.

There were several attempts at coming up with lists of specific demands like forgiving all student loans, but for many the concept of Occupy Wall Street was more important than precision in outcomes.

For those who like lists, they came up with such attainable goals as:

-- Open-source technology,

-- Ending all wars,

-- Eliminating discrimination and prejudice,

-- Reappropriating our business structures and culture, and

-- Putting people and our earth before profit.

Rich Galen

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