Richard Olivastro

Most adult Americans learn from the experience of living. Almost all of them conclude that our ancestor Ben Franklin got it right, centuries ago, when he said “… in this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.”

Now, unless a significant majority of Americans figure it out - and promptly execute a massive ‘shout-out’ - founder Franklin’s prescient statement will need amending. That’s because government intervention in yet another arena of American life - our private health care system - is on a political track that will affect everyone living in the United States.

The Obama “Health Care Express” has already left Washington’s “Union Station.” With powerful special-interest groups already on board, the feds’ “Health Care Express” is rattling along the rails hurtling toward everyone. Using the political fiat of “47 million uninsured” - 1/3 of whom, perhaps more, are illegal aliens - the administration’s political “conductors” will insert government bureaucrats into every personal doctor-patient relationship.

Thus, government controlled health care, which few Americans conceived possible following the failure of “Hilary Care” back in the early 90’s; and, even fewer thought probable given the flawed financing facts uncovered by opponents of “Hilary Care;” is now on a track that appears increasingly certain.

Ben Franklin would frown. He knows this is not what he and the other founders warranted.

If America’s citizens fail to derail Obama’s “Health Care Express” train the real wreck will not be just the system but the impact and effects forced on each citizen as part of the government nationalization of yet another American industry. Freedom and choice regarding health decisions and financial options for themselves and other family members will certainly be impinged and ultimately reduced.

Despite the spin and presentation twists we hear from politicians and domestic special interests, consider the facts from other countries.

Canadians describe the massive costs of nationalized health care, the poor quality of service, and lengthy delays to gain access to providers.

In Britain, it’s more of the same; plus, we are told of “turndowns” for certain individuals deemed too old to receive the “universal” care they need.

Richard Olivastro

Richard Olivastro is a professional member of the National Speakers Association, president of People Dynamics, an executive leadership development company, and founder of Citizens For Change.
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