Rachel Marsden

Last November, when leftist union comrades around the world cheered the election of Barack Obama because he wasn’t The Man, I wondered how they could be so incredibly shallow that they forgot what he stood for in substance. And that is looking out for the interests of himself, his party, and those who voted Democrat.

Sure, Obama is a union guy. Unions represent the Democratic Party’s support, funding, and voting base. But that base is strictly limited to America. So if you’re not a comrade whom the Democrats are capable of exploiting for either cash or votes, then prepared to be treated about as well as a card-carrying Republican.

Democrats have rewarded their non-American comrades for their fawning support by slipping a “Buy American” rider into the newest trillion dollar US government cash dump that’s currently circling the bowl in the Senate. This means that steel and iron used in all these make-work projects that Obama has planned for his comrades to stimulate the economy will have to come from America rather than Canada or elsewhere.

Apparently, Obama didn’t even notice that anything was wrong -- until someone whispered in his ear (probably between autograph signings or makeout sessions with the US media) that Canada was flipping out -- at which point he said protectionism was unacceptable. This means that he either didn’t know the details of the bill he was going around promoting, or he was hoping no one would notice. Then, when he started getting flack for it, he acted indignant -- like the kid who’s been smoking weed for the past year but was busted when mom and dad found his stash: “Oh, man. How did THAT get there. That’s horrible! We can’t have that!”

Then the European Union started freaking out -- because if Obama and the Democrats can do that to their best friend, Canada, what hope do they have?

So what does the meltdown over this issue look like in Canada? The head of Canada’s socialist New Democratic Party blamed Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper for letting this happen and not controlling Obama -- which is like drinking and driving, getting nailed for it, and blaming MADD. He then suggested that Canada implement “Buy Canadian” protections.

Rachel Marsden

Rachel Marsden is a columnist with Human Events Magazine, and Editor-In-Chief of GrandCentralPolitical News Syndicate.
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