Paul  Kengor

Editor’s Note: The "V&V Q&A" is an e-publication from The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College. Each issue will present an interview with an intriguing thinker or opinion-maker that we hope will prove illuminating to readers everywhere. In this latest edition, Dr. Paul Kengor, the executive director of the Center, interviews Dr. Jamie Glazov, editor at, on his new book, Showdown With Evil: Our Struggle Against Tyranny and Terror."

Dr. Paul Kengor: Jamie Glazov, welcome to “V&V Q&A.”

Dr. Jamie Glazov: Thank you. I am very grateful for this opportunity.

Kengor: Dr. Glazov, our goal today is to talk about your new book, Showdown With Evil: Our Struggle Against Tyranny and Terror. But before we get to that, I want to introduce you to our readers. First off, for many years, our writers at Grove City College, including myself, have contributed to your fearless website, Tell us about FrontPage and its mission.

Glazov: is on the frontlines fighting the terror and culture war. We are primarily about exposing—and stopping in its tracks—the enemy at home and abroad. In other words, we bring attention to the danger and evil of radical Islam and to those forces on our own territory who aid and abet this

Unholy Alliance. By informing the world about this deadly and malicious enemy we face, we seek to undermine its totalitarian impulses and objectives.

Kengor: Please also tell us about your fascinating background, and specially your father’s story—and where we can read more about your father.

Glazov: My dad and mom, Yuri and Marina Glazov, were brave dissidents in the former Soviet Union who stood up against one of the most evil regimes in history. They put their lives on the line for political prisoners who were being tortured and oppressed by the KGB and they fought courageously for freedom of conscience. You can read more about them and their heroic struggle here.

Because of this background and my respect for their noble efforts, I have dedicated my life to fighting for liberty, opposing the despotic forces who seek to annihilate it, and to standing up for those heroes who languish in gulags and prisons for their belief in truth and freedom.