Paul Jacob

Posted November 29, 2015

There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad, Winston Smith clandestinely wrote in his diary. Smith, the protagonist in George Orwells classic dystopian novel, 1984, fought against a totalitarian state, against Big Brother.

Posted November 22, 2015

Government is supposed to defend our rights, including rights to property.

Posted November 15, 2015

I want to go home, Arkansas State Senator Jon Woods whimpered last weekend.

Posted November 08, 2015

The vast majority of Chinese people are celebrating. The 18th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party has officially decreed it will cease enforcing the one-child-only policy this coming March after 35 years as part of its 13th Five Year Plan.

Posted November 01, 2015

The left-wing slant of the dominant strain of major media was on full display with the snarky questions CNBCs moderators hurled at the ten Republican presidential candidates during last weeks debate.

Posted October 25, 2015

Just after dawn last Thursday, Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler, along with his fellow soldiers in the U.S. Armys Delta Force, rushed into a firefight to help Kurdish commandoes.

Posted October 18, 2015

Things are up to date in Kansas City politicians are going about as far as they can go.

Posted October 11, 2015

Dont feel lonely, Mrs. Clinton. Youre not the only public official shielding public actions from the public by using private modes of communication a private email account and server, or texts on a personal cell phone.

Posted October 04, 2015

n the classic Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville expressed astonishment at Americans proclivity to form associations to get things done. Causes from parks to roads to clean-up to libraries . . . Americans were organized. Indeed, they organized themselves. Whereas in Europe the common folk would wait for a magistrate to start the job, in youthful democratic America, the people did the work.

Posted September 27, 2015

According to the experts, any day now a civil war will break out in California.

Posted September 20, 2015

The Washington Post headline, Black teachers flee schools, leading to concerns about diversity, left me less concerned about diversity and more with why teachers black or otherwise would flee.

Posted September 13, 2015

Ron Calzone has committed the most shocking political crime possible: daring to actively participate in his states legislative process as a private citizen and as leader of an NGO (non-governmental organization).

Posted September 06, 2015

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clintons main opponent on the Democratic side of Campaign 2016, is a demagogue.

Posted August 30, 2015

Ah, when insiders let their hair down! The biases become apparent.

Posted August 23, 2015

Its only one less caregiver. A single compassionate doctor, expert in treating the scourge of addiction, beloved by patients, will likely be blocked from providing care to people who need her.

Posted August 16, 2015

Thank you, Seattle, for being one of the most progressive cities in the United States of America, socialist-cum-Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders shouted to the large crowd in the City of Goodwill.

Posted August 09, 2015

Nothing surprising happened in Grand Rapids last week.

Posted August 02, 2015

Beijing won the right to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games on Friday. But Boston topped that earlier in the week, winning the right not to host the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Posted July 26, 2015

In the 15 states where voters have enacted term limits for their state representatives and senators, those politicians along with the lobbyists and heads of powerful interests seeking the favor of those politicians constantly complain that the limits are a big problem.

Posted July 19, 2015

Sometimes the good guys win . . . but only when they stand up to the bad guys. Nowhere is this more true than in politics, especially with the increasingly vicious partisan attempts to criminalize opposition.