Paul Greenberg
Happy Birthday, Palestine! Strike up the band. Ice the champagne. Run up the flag. Rally and cheer. Orate and pose for the cameras. Declare victory. Dance the night away. Sing another chorus of Baladi! Baladi! Better yet, gather 'round the campfire, and pass the finjan till dawn telling glorious stories of a past that never was.

Historical revisionism, it used to be called. The new name for it is counter-narrative. But the basic theme hasn't changed: the mutability of the past, the flexibility of fact, the preference for what we wish had been over what was. Who says Arabs and Southerners have nothing in common? Our common allegiance to a Lost Cause -- and the imagined past that goes with it -- make us ideological kin.

So raise a toast to the Grand Mufti and a Judenrein future, when these interlopers will be gone, and their preposterous little state with them. Israelites in this day and age? Why haven't they had the grace to disappear like the Jebusites and Amalekites and all those other extinct tribes? This living fossil called Israel should have vanished eons ago -- and will once the State of Palestine finally supplants it. Praise the United Nations from whom all blessings flow! Or would if the UN still meant anything.

At last, millennially, a Palestinian state has been officially recognized by that august body, the UN General Assembly, that great gathering of every tinpot dictator with delusions of grandeur and every tyranny that specializes in murdering its own people.

I can't recall offhand: Did Syria's crumbling regime vote for this resolution, raising a bloody hand in its favor along with the representatives of those other great redoubts of democracy, the new same-old Russia and still Communist China? Why not? Everybody else seemed to vote for it; I lost count at something like 130 Yeas.

The president of this new state, or at least the remaining part of it on the West Bank that the newer Palestinian state in Gaza despises, called the UN vote a "birth certificate" for Palestine, whatever or just wherever it is.

It was a great show of support for the new state even if it was mainly show, since the birth certificate seems to come with a lot of small print. The kind that renders documents official but meaningless. For instance, the new "state" won't have voting rights at the UN. As if anybody would notice another vote for the next lopsided resolution out of the General Assembly blaming Israel for all the troubles in the world, or declaring Zionism an international crime. (The only thing missing from such resolutions is complimentary yellow stars for the Israeli delegation.)

Paul Greenberg

Pulitzer Prize-winning Paul Greenberg, one of the most respected and honored commentators in America, is the editorial page editor of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.