Neal McCluskey

Posted September 29, 2014

Students in Jefferson County, Colorado began walking out of school last week to protest a proposal to ensure that the Advanced Placement programs history classes "promote citizenship, patriotism ... (and) respect for authority." Simultaneously, the nation has been observing Banned Books Week, intended to shine a spotlight on campaigns to remove controversial books from libraries, including at schools.

Posted March 13, 2013

It seems easy: collect data, process data, publish data, and everyone becomes better informed and wiser. It’s seductive, and it was clear listening to President Barack Obama and Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) that both are under data’s spell when it comes to budget-busting higher education. But the main college problem isn’t a shortage of useful information -- it’s massive federal student aid discouraging its use.

Posted February 27, 2012

With the recent revelations of a prominent scientist using dirty tricks against global-warming skeptics, the overheated climate debate has taken another ugly turn. Worse, the scandal reveals that our children’s minds may be the newest battleground in the unending global warming war.

Posted April 29, 2009

If you look just at dollar signs or rhetoric to measure the education success of Barack Obama’s first one-hundred days, then the President should get an A. Base it on meaningful reform, however, and he’d be lucky to get a passing grade.

Posted March 18, 2009

President Obama is famously tough to pin down on a lot of issues. So how much of what he said in his widely praised education address a few days ago can we believe heralds true change, and how much was really just savvy politics?