Miriam Grossman, M.D.

Posted March 05, 2010

On Monday, NJ governor Chris Christie’s nominee for the Commissioner of the Department of Children and Families will be interviewed by the State Senate Judiciary Committee. If confirmed, Janet Rosenzweig will preside over the Divisions of Youth and Family Services, Child Behavioral Health Services, Prevention and Community Partnerships, Child Welfare Training Academy, Community Services, Office of Education, and Office of Licensing. She will also influence policy making as a member of the cabinet.

Posted November 10, 2009

In the battle over sex education, Planned Parenthood claims the high ground in providing accurate information and protecting reproductive health. Their homepage states, “We deliver comprehensive and medically accurate information that empowers women, men, teens, and families to make informed choices and lead healthy lives.”

Posted September 15, 2009

I was on the Michael Medved show this week, debating Martha Kempner, the VP of information and education at SIECUS, the Sexual Information and Education Council of the US.

Posted August 04, 2009

The House of Representatives has approved an addition to the healthcare reform package.

Posted December 08, 2008

American girls have a new heartthrob: a tall, gorgeous vampire who is in the eleventh grade. He thirsts for the blood of Bella, his human girlfriend, but learns to “just say no.”

Posted September 04, 2008

With the brouhaha over Bristol Palin’s pregnancy, here’s a plus no one’s considered: should this young woman go to college as a married mom, she’ll be spared four years of the campus hook-up culture.

Posted March 17, 2008

The response to the CDC’s report last week that 25% of teen girls carry a sexually transmitted infection suggests that this comes as a shock to many, including some in our sex education industry.

Posted October 16, 2007

You won’t find it highlighted in women’s magazines or health websites, but it’s the mommy track that provides the greatest protection against breast cancer: giving birth before thirty, having a bunch of kids, and breastfeeding them--for a long time.