Mike Adams

A transgender student at University of South Florida (USF) has now conclusively shown that once people become sufficiently open-minded their brains are likely to fall out and hit the ground. Frustrated and confused with his sexuality, Taylor McCue wanted to force USF to join colleges like Rutgers and Harvard, which are now offering students the option to live with anyone of any gender. And the USF administration has caved. Sissies!

Now, as a result of the lobbying of one deeply confused student, USF has decided to go beyond what other universities in Florida do with transgender students, by actively offering them the chance to live alone or with a friend of any gender. They can also be randomly assigned to a roommate without being “outed.” At other schools, the burden to ask for special treatment is usually on the student. But at USF the administration wants to make it easy for those who are experiencing gender identity confusion. Those assigned at random to live with a transgendered student are in for a big surprise.

This is just USF's first step in its experiment with gender subjectivity and total sexual normlessness. In the spring, the school will launch a program offering gender-neutral dorm rooms, where anybody of any gender can live with anybody else. It’s a total free-for-all! It is true that rooming with romantic partners will be discouraged. But as far as USF is concerned, parents won't have a say in the decision. So there will be no way to prohibit the kinds of arrangements they discourage. Given their commitment to radical gender politics it is difficult to understand the basis of USF’s objection to cohabitation among romantic partners. How judgmental!

According to the St. Petersburg Times, USF spokesman Michael Hoad said "We feel passionately about making USF a complete living and learning environment.” He could have said “a complete living and learning free-for-all.” But I respect his right to express his passionate feelings in a way he feels is appropriate. Passion and feelings are the true basis of any good education. At least, that’s the feeling I’m getting.

This all started when Taylor McCue told school officials that he hated his USF roommates who, in turn, hated him. There is no indication that USF contemplated the possibility that McCue is simply a jerk who can’t get along with anyone else. A jerk dorm - for those who wish to live alone - would have been less of a public-relations disaster than the gender-neutral housing plan is likely to be. USF should have looked into it – not to mention a hate crime prosecution against McCue. What a McHater!

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.