Mike Adams

Author’s Note: The sole outside source for the following column is the work of Scott Klusendorf (www.prolifetraining.com). Scott, a Summit Ministries faculty member, is, in my opinion, the world’s greatest pro-life advocate. Summit Ministries graduate Lila Rose is a close second. Both Scott and Lila are graduates of UCLA.

Dear Keith:

Thanks for writing to share your concerns about your “pro-choice” sociology professor. Taking a sociology class is always tough – especially when the professor claims to be your moral superior while simultaneously advocating abortion. I would recommend that you temper your remarks in class whenever you feel you are on the verge of losing your composure. In fact, you should not make any remarks or statements at all. Instead, you should just ask questions. Here are some good ones I wish I had asked while in college:

1. Morally speaking, is having an abortion really just like picking a scab?

2. If abortion is not murder because the fetus is not a person then why make it “safe, legal, and rare”?

3. Do you have a similar desire to make scab-picking “safe, legal, and rare”?

4. If a woman were raped and got pregnant, which one would you kill a) The baby, b) the rapist, or c) both?

5. Are you comfortable with the fact that “a” is the only answer you may choose according to (the present interpretation of) the Constitution?

6. Abortion advocates frequently focus on the size of the fetus. Why is that relevant?

7. Do tall people have more rights than short people?

8. Do men have superior rights relative to women given that men are, on average, larger than women?

9. Is fetal lack of self-awareness a justification for abortion?

10. Is murder permissible when the victim is sleeping and hence unaware of the surrounding environment?

11. Does the fact that there are many miscarriages really lend credence to the argument that abortion is justified?

12. Does the high infant mortality rate in Third World nations justify infanticide in Third World nations?

13. Does the spontaneous termination of life by nature justify the intentional termination of life by man?

14. Are human beings inherently more valuable than other animals such as dogs?

15. What gives human beings more value than dogs?

16. Should a woman abort a baby because it may be expensive and time-consuming to raise a child to adulthood?

17. Should a woman be able to kill a puppy because it may be expensive and time consuming to feed and care for a dog?

18. A person can be held criminally responsible for killing a dog. Should a dog be held criminally responsible for killing a cat?

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.