Michael Steele

Posted July 15, 2008

While politicians across the country continued to fight over who is liable for the current economic downturn, the Pennsylvania State Senate took matters into its own hands, seeking to provide concrete solutions for a stronger Keystone state economy.

Posted April 08, 2008

A great deal has changed since President Reagan left the national stage. Our enemies have come to our shores, the rising tide of our economy has not "lifted all boats" and our government has increased intrusion in our lives.

Posted March 28, 2008

President Bush showed the world that it isn't words, but actions, that truly make a difference. Millions throughout Africa would agree.

Posted February 07, 2008

Ronald Reagan's successes were in large part due to his ability to focus on those things that unite us. He didn't try to divide the American people along philosophical or political lines.

Posted December 04, 2007

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley sought and obtained passage of a “prevailing wage” on all state projects, thereby artificially inflating wages and increasing the cost to the taxpayers.

Posted November 13, 2007

Democrat Governor Elliott Spitzer has managed to focus the attention of the entire nation on New York by announcing his plan to grant driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

Posted November 02, 2007

In Louisiana a quiet revolution occurred. The Republican Party, which has had it pretty rough of late, found its footing, in the election of the first Indian American to the office of governor.

Posted September 11, 2007

I was asked recently what lesson should the GOP have learned from the results of the 2006 mid-term elections. That’s easy: You can’t please everyone, but you sure can make them all mad at you at the same time!

Posted July 31, 2007

These days the news media are filled with reports about influential Republicans breaking with President Bush and the Administration on big issues like the war in Iraq and immigration reform.

Posted June 14, 2007

The American people are fed up and won’t be misled again. This Congress will be judged on their actions, not their words.

Posted May 11, 2007

For years, I sat in audiences and listened as politicians tried to win over voters, especially minority voters, by talking about hope.