Michael Reagan
Well, Democrats in Washington did it. They unilaterally passed a $938 billion health care plan that was overwhelmingly disapproved by Americans.

But not to worry, the United Nations Health Organization proclaimed our leaders courageous for their actions. I will prefer to call them extinct.

Voters fought, called, protested, and debated up until the moment of the vote. With willful blindness, many in the Democratically-controlled Congress simply chose to ignore their constituents.

It is easy to argue that the health care bill was the wrong prescription for our ailing economy and growing deficit. It is just as easy to argue against such a seismic shift to the size and influence of our government; anything that required so much intra-Democratic Party arm-twisting, threats and bribes to get it through their own caucus can't be good for our nation. But Democrats in Washington aren't satisfied there. Today our banks, auto industry, student loans all join our health care as being instruments of the federal government.

We've watched as, one by one, new segments of the economy have moved into the government's balance sheet. The American people have been overlooked in favor of new power, new control, and new taxes. We've seen rough economic times, are still seeing them, but in spite of inappropriate government action we will make it through.

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And come this November, voters will have a choice. A choice between a Republican Party that hopefully will have returned to its roots of smaller and limited government and responsible fiscal policies versus a Democratic Party that will stop at nothing to grow our government and grow our debt.

The time is now for us to act. Each of us has a responsibility to get engaged, help Republicans get elected and demand that Washington recoil from its massive expansion. I will do my part as well. Our PAC, Reagan PAC, is dedicated to finding and supporting Republican candidates that recognize the contemporary conservative principles of Ronald Reagan and are committed to their realization. We will target Democratic candidates in key swing districts across the nation who recently voted in support of this dangerous health care legislation, and seek to find qualified conservative candidates in these districts and states and others who can help return America on a path to prosperity.

Michael Reagan

Michael Reagan, the eldest son of Ronald Reagan, is heard daily by over 5 million listeners via his nationally syndicated talk radio program, “The Michael Reagan Show.”