Matt Purple

Posted July 31, 2008

A compilation of data by the Center for Immigration Studies released Wednesday found that since the immigration bill failed to pass the Senate last June.

Posted July 17, 2008

The Guantanamo Bay detainee prison in Cuba seems to have few fans among Senate lawmakers these days.

Posted July 15, 2008

First they went after Saturday Night Live. Then Jon Stewart got blasted. Now left-wing blogs are attacking the New Yorker for satirizing Barack Obama and his critics on the cover of their most recent issue.

Posted July 10, 2008

A former leader of a radical Islamic organization told Congress extreme Muslims are motivated by an ideology similar to Marxism and that Islamism has much in common with the former Soviet Union.

Posted July 09, 2008

Democrats had some tough questions for Attorney General Michael Mukasey Wednesday, grilling him about his positions on legal issues like waterboarding and the bounds of executive power.

Posted June 26, 2008

The GOP had harsh words for Democrats on Capitol Hill this morning, accusing them of misunderstanding the economics of oil and stalling needed drilling initiatives.

Posted June 25, 2008

An acclaimed British author could be charged with committing a hate crime after offering a scathing criticism of Islamic radicalism.

Posted June 23, 2008

In the wake of his recent death, some liberal writers and bloggers are criticizing Meet the Press host Tim Russert for being insufficiently tough on Bush administration officials.

Posted June 20, 2008

Truckers in Albany protested at the New York Capitol amidst concerns their industry would be hit hard by skyrocketing fuel prices and climate change legislation.

Posted June 18, 2008

Amidst outrage over illegal immigration, some self-identified conservatives who see a bright side to open borders have been speaking up.

Posted June 16, 2008

A passage from a book by comedian and Minnesota Democratic Senate candidate Al Franken describes one prominent conservative being shot in the head and another soliciting a prostitute, among other graphic images.

Posted June 12, 2008

Senator Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) gave a grim assessment of the Bush administration Thursday and said the problems facing America today are “far deeper and wider and worse than what FDR faced.”

Posted June 11, 2008

Several high-profile conservatives gathered on Capitol Hill to rally support for the Broadcaster Freedom Act, a measure to block the government from any future attempts to chill political speech on the airwaves.