Matt Patterson

Far from providing "affordable" care for everyone, ObamaCare would come at a painful price - higher insurance premiums, more and higher taxes, fewer jobs, lower wages, a reduced standard of living and an erosion of privacy and individual liberty.

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Here's the real cost of ObamaCare.

Higher Premiums - Billions in new taxes and fees would be imposed on health insurers and companies to pay for ObamaCare - costs which would be passed on to the consumer as higher premiums.

Higher Taxes - Government cannot provide free or subsidized care for someone without taking money from someone else - and that someone else may be you. The Wall Street Journal puts it bluntly: ObamaCare will be paid for with "huge tax increases." How huge? According to Jeffrey H. Anderson, Ph.D, Senior Fellow of Health Care Studies at the Pacific Research Institute, one ObamaCare proposal would "raise taxes by $2.3 trillion" over the next two decades. Yes, trillion.

Lower Wages/Fewer Jobs - New taxes and fees imposed on businesses by ObamaCare would "discourage companies from hiring or continuing to employ low-income and moderate-income workers," according to the Heritage Foundation. And it won't just be low-income workers who see a smaller paycheck - according to FORTUNE magazine's Shawn Tully, ObamaCare would lead to "a steep, shocking decrease" in the incomes of middle-class workers.

Standard of Living - The massive government spending required to finance national health care would explode the federal deficit with ruinous consequences for every American's standard of living. According to the Congressional Budget Office, "Large budget deficits would reduce national saving, leading to more borrowing from abroad and less domestic investment, which in turn would depress income growth in the United States. Over time, the accumulation of debt would seriously harm the economy."

Medicare Benefits - ObamaCare would pay for itself, in part, with hundreds of billions of dollars in cuts to Medicare and Medicare Advantage. But the Congressional Budget Office warns that cuts to Medicare Advantage "could lead many plans to limit the benefits they offer, raise their premiums, or withdraw from the program," devastating seniors' health-care options. The Wall Street Journal confirms, "cuts in Medicare's price controls will cause many doctors to quit the program."

Privacy - ObamaCare regulations would result in a larger, more powerful IRS, and ensure that more of your personal information is shared with more people.

Matt Patterson

Matt Patterson is senior editor at the Capital Research Center and contributor to Proud to be Right: Voices of the Next Conservative Generation (HarperCollins, 2010). His email is