Mary Grabar

It was while I was driving from Florida, where I gave a presentation on education to citizens, that I heard from talk show hosts about the abuse by North Carolina High School social studies teacher Tanya Dixon-Neely towards a student who dared to challenge her diatribe about Mitt Romney’s alleged “bullying” incident from 1965. In response to the student’s reference to Barack Obama’s own admission in his book of having shoved a girl, the teacher yelled that students can be arrested for disrespecting President Obama. “President” (King?) Obama was beyond criticism to Dixon-Neely, unlike “candidate” Mitt Romney.

The confusion of Stalinist practices with our own reveals the profound ignorance that reigns among teachers.

As I drove back, hearing snippets of the tape over and over, I also, admittedly, felt disappointed that my video of a Georgia State University education professor, at a school-sponsored “Teach-In,” pledging to give students “extra points” for lobbying legislators to vote against immigration enforcement bills, did not go viral. Although the professor does not sound out-of-control crazy like Dixon-Neely, her promise to bribe students shows us where the problem begins.

As in the case of Dixon-Neely, this teacher apparently did not suffer any meaningful punishment. Dixon-Neely received a suspension, with pay. Jennifer Esposito was given a memo by the Dean, the same dean who was the prime sponsor of the Teach-In—a daylong session on lobbying against immigration enforcement laws and workshops on incorporating Marxist and subversive curriculum materials banned in Arizona.

And that’s what the educrats want to happen. They haughtily expect that such “punishments” will quiet the populace.

The recording of Dixon-Neely’s diatribe may be added to the list of incidents in future articles, as Bryan Preston did in reminding us of Diawatha Harris, who browbeat her young charges for daring to think that John McCain was the better candidate.

Will outrage over such incidents change anything?

Yes, talk show ratings.

Mary Grabar

Mary Grabar earned her Ph.D. in English from the University of Georgia and teaches in Atlanta. She is organizing the Resistance to the Re-Education of America at Her writing can be found at