Mark Hillman

Posted December 21, 2009

Most everyone on the center-right is dubious of big government, but when it comes to protecting the unborn or preserving the traditional definition of marriage, we are divided as to government's proper role.

Posted November 16, 2009

Patches sued Louisville Slugger's parent company for failure to place warning labels on their metal bats, arguing that metal bats are more dangerous that wooden bats.

Posted October 16, 2009

Talk about personal responsibility is cheap. Legislating personal responsibility isn't. Take the movement to require everyone to purchase government-approved health insurance.

Posted October 01, 2009

Say what you will about Bill Clinton's foreign policy shortcomings, but for the most part he had the good sense not to squander Ronald Reagan's legacy of peace through strength.

Posted September 04, 2009

Our ongoing debate about government's role in health care is proving worthwhile because it forces people to focus on the real tradeoffs in a system mandated - if not directly operated - by government.

Posted July 27, 2009

Listening to President Obama explain "his" health care plan, I can't help but wonder if he actually believes his own words.

Posted July 02, 2009

America's health care system certainly has its share of problems — of which most emanate from politicians' tinkering, tempting frustrated consumers with promises of better benefits at someone else's expense.

Posted June 08, 2009

President Obama claims to "have no interest" in running General Motors. He does so with a straight face — and the same monotonous cadence that he employs whether condemning North Korea for nuclear explosions or joking with Jay Leno.

Posted March 16, 2009

President Obama's transformation from a candidate of hope and change to a president of gloom, blame and opportunism is so disappointing - even for those who didn't buy what he was selling as a candidate.

Posted December 08, 2008

Today's Republican Party seeks to advance freedom through limited government, strong national security, personal responsibility and traditional family values.

Posted November 23, 2008

After being routed at the polls for two consecutive election cycles, Republicans are turning introspective, asking how the party fell out of favor so suddenly and how to correct course.

Posted November 10, 2008

As the dust settles after Election Day, it's fair to say that Republicans deserved the thrashing we received.

Posted October 27, 2008

Cut through the doubletalk that obscures the financial mess in Washington and on Wall Street, and these points are obvious to everyone paying attention.

Posted October 12, 2008

It's hard to imagine how the GOP could conjure up a more fearsome specter of an Obama presidency than the one created by the tactics of his own campaign.

Posted August 17, 2008

Mark Udall's message to Colorado voters is crystal clear: just tell me want you want to hear, and I'll say it.

Posted August 11, 2008

Unless you've been imbibing 100-proof hope-and-change, you could hardly listen to Obama's Berlin speech without questioning whether there is anything that he is truly willing to fight for.

Posted March 26, 2008

First, I am a conservative; then, I'm a Republican. This election isn't about party or personalities, but about principles that will guide our country for the next four years or more.

Posted March 17, 2008

In roughly three generations, American society has been transformed from a nation of penny-pinchers, scrimpers and savers to a nation of consumption-addicted spendthrifts oblivious to tomorrow.

Posted March 03, 2008

Will our nation trend in a direction that is generally conservative or one that reverses modest gains of the past 28 years and lurches toward cradle-to-grave paternalism?