Maggie Gallagher

Posted January 03, 2013

A few days ago, going through some memorabilia of my mother's, I found the original promotional material for this syndicated column, launched in 1993. I was billed as "A New Conservative Voice for Young Women!"

Posted December 20, 2012

When the press reported that Adam Lanza had Asperger's syndrome (part of the autism spectrum disorders) and other unspecified personality problems, the autism community swung into action in a way that is totally understandable.

Posted December 13, 2012

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but a serious case is now being made that our beloved Constitution gives us the right to have sex with donkeys.

Posted December 06, 2012

Have you noticed how much of Hollywood is preoccupied with thoughts of God?

Posted November 15, 2012

And so it begins, like clockwork.

Posted November 08, 2012

There is no point in spinning -- conservatives need to face honestly what this election means.

Posted October 31, 2012

The latest polls in the conventional swing states show a close race, with neither Mitt Romney nor Barack Obama clearly ahead. Yet they also show a surprising number of formerly solid blue states now within Romney's reach.

Posted October 25, 2012

Dinesh D'Souza's documentary, “2016: Obama's America,” has grossed $33 million, making him one of the all-time best-selling documentary filmmakers. D'Souza stepped down from the presidency of King's College in Manhattan after admitting he got engaged to a woman before divorcing his wife of 20 years.

Posted October 18, 2012

Right after the second debate, Mitt Romney has finally decided to run an abortion ad: "Those ads saying Mitt Romney would ban all abortions and contraception seemed a bit extreme, so I looked into it," a female former Obama voter says. "Turns out, Romney doesn't oppose contraception at all. In fact, he thinks abortion should be an option in cases of rape, incest or to save a mother's life." Mitt Romney. He's our guy. He's much better than Obama, and I think he will win this race. But could he try any harder to prove he's no Ronald Reagan?

Posted October 11, 2012

This week I gave a talk at Morgan State University on gay marriage. At the end of our panel, Kieffer Mitchell, a Maryland state legislator who voted for gay marriage, said he was grateful for the civility of the panel, that he knew good people who were on both sides of the issue, even people in his own family.

Posted October 04, 2012

In her new book, "The End of Men," Hanna Rosin says we are on the verge of matriarchy.

Posted September 27, 2012

Patrick McMahon is an Air Force combat veteran and nurse practitioner who worked as a transplant coordinator. In a new bombshell lawsuit, McMahon claims he was fired for raising one too many red flags about whether his patients were really dead before doctors harvested their organs.

Posted September 20, 2012

Let me begin with a prediction: Mitt Romney will be the next president of the United States.

Posted September 14, 2012

My first honest reaction to the new memoir by recent Yale graduate Nathan Harden was shock. Not shock at the sexual shenanigans he relates in "Sex and God at Yale," but shock that America is still so good a country that it can produce brilliant young men innocent enough to be capable of shock when exposed to a systematically degraded sexual culture.

Posted September 06, 2012

How can they defend President Obama's record? For those of us who've been wondering, the first days of the Democratic convention are very revealing. They can't help themselves.

Posted August 30, 2012

The future of the Republican Party was on display in Tampa, Fla., as the roll of speakers before Mitt Romney provided a preview of nomination battles in 2016 and beyond.

Posted August 23, 2012

Last week, a man with a master's degree from George Mason University, a gun and 50 rounds of ammo walked into the Family Research Council. When a building manager named Leo Johnson blocked his entry, he shot Leo in the arm.

Posted August 16, 2012

Mitt Romney showed he's reaching not just for a win, but for a mandate. The elevation of Rep. Paul Ryan is a game changer because it is a conversation changer. His selection as veep nominee puts front and center the need to reign in the spending of a government that borrows 40 cents from China for every dollar it spends.

Posted August 09, 2012

For 40 years, the academic left has taught that reality is socially constructed, preferably by the left for the left.

Posted July 26, 2012

Watching the massive 24/7 coverage of the massacre in Aurora, Colo., coverage that will only serve to inspire some future twisted male mind to seek infamy -- to die hated but not unnoticed -- one cannot help but be disgusted.