Lurita Doan

Mainstream media has become defeatist, abandoning the notion that Americans are uniquely able to accomplish great things. Worse yet, members of congress, mostly Democrats but some Republicans too, have become similarly defeatist. How sad.

When confronted with challenges, danger, or catastrophe, their common response is to shirk. These defeatists seem to think that Americans lack the grit, ingenuity, and raw courage to tackle complicated problems.

Consider the typical Democrat response to some recent crises. When there was an oil spill in the Gulf—Democrat leaders recommended that all off-shore drilling be abandoned. When there was an accident in a West Virginia coal mine, they urged Americans to adopt a strategy to move away from coal-fueled energy. When there was an accident at a nuclear power plant six thousand miles away, Democrat leaders championed avoidance, suggesting that no new permits should be issued and building and operation of nuclear plants in America should be discouraged.

In each of these cases, the defeatists seemed to be saying is that America was no longer capable of inventing better solutions to solve these and other challenges--better to just give up after any setback. They seem to imply that the problems are just too tough and our skills just too feeble. This ideology of despair was most succinctly captured by a journalist who suggests that America abandon nuclear power, claiming that "

if Japan can't do it, no one can."

This peculiarly Democrat ideology of defeatism ignores some of America’s greatest strengths--our ability to innovate, to adapt and to overcome setbacks. Those on the Left are deliberately discouraging a belief in American exceptionalism. They do this by fear-mongering, encouraging helplessness and obstructing individual efforts.

In the past, obstacles, even failures, have been viewed by Americans as an opportunity to excel, as a chance to overcome and to gain the advantage by learning from mistakes and making a better product or service.

Lurita Doan

Lurita Alexis Doan is an African American conservative commentator who writes about issues affecting the federal government.