Lurita Doan

Americans have two toxic, spreading slicks that must be cleaned up. One is in the Gulf where we are haunted by pictures of a never-ending flow of oil. The other uncapped gusher, of even more dangerous toxins, is in Washington and flows from a broken pipe out of the Obama White House. This toxin is going to be even harder to clean up.

While most Americans’ attention is focused on the oil-spill tragedy unfolding off the shores of Louisiana, back in Washington, Team Obama is pressing forward, determined not to waste this crisis and use it to instill fear in Americans and loathing for all oil drilling and energy independence. Their goal is to scare Americans into support for 2000+ pages of flawed, and openly corrupt, Waxman-Markey energy legislation. Here we go again.

Rush Limbaugh

Instead of Waxman’s “Cap and Trade Bill”, our country would be far wiser to cap the relentless flow of Obama policies specifically designed to destroy wealth, expand government control over the daily lives of all Americans, while simultaneously cramping innovation and job creation.

Look at the toxins that have already spewed out of Washington and are just beginning to sludge up the economy.

The Stimulus (Feb 2009) did little to energize the U.S. economy, did not fulfill its promise of

"shovel-ready" critical infrastructure projects, failed keep unemployment under 8% and failed to generate the 3.5 million jobs promised.

Consider Obama's promise of "unprecedented transparency" in executive branch dealings. Instead, Obama has overseen the largest expansion of senior government advisors by creating countless Czars, advisors who have the president's ear, who shut out the senate-confirmed cabinet members from close, regular conference with the president—czars who manage enormous staffs and budgets at taxpayer expense, some of whom have not been fully vetted, nor confirmed, by the Senate.

Lurita Doan

Lurita Alexis Doan is an African American conservative commentator who writes about issues affecting the federal government.