Lincoln Brown

There are going to be two exciting events taking place in Northeastern Utah, my adopted home on September 28th. One will be the arrival of Secretary of The Interior Ken Salazar who will dedicate the opening of Visitor Center at the Dinosaur National Monument.

The Fossil Wall at the Monument is a fascinating thing, and believe me when I say that it, and the rest of the park itself is well worth a visit should you ever find yourself in my part of the nation. In particular I would recommend a visit to Rainbow Park at the Monument: well off the beaten path, but absolutely spectacular in terms of its scenic beauty and for the petroglyphs. You have to hunt for them, but they are there.

However, the Secretary will be pointedly avoiding the Uintah County Energy Summit which will be taking place the same day, a mere 20 minutes down the road. It is a day that will be spent discussing the current state and future of the energy industry and the latest innovations thereof.

It is a shame that the Secretary has opted not to come to the Summit , since it has been under Mr. Salazar’s aegis the energy industry has taken the proverbial shot below the belt. In point of fact Mr. Salazar will be ignoring the Energy Summit in Utah in order to meet with a group from Colorado in Utah on that day. The purpose of that meeting will be to discuss the America’s Great Outdoors, which is a lovely title for an initiative that in part will lock energy development out of even more public lands.

Ken Salazar and the Department of the Interior made decisions that destroyed jobs, destroyed dreams and destroyed lives in my part of the country. People lost their jobs, their homes, and their savings as a result of the DOI’s actions, and it would be nice for the Secretary to come and look those people in the eye and account for himself and his decisions. But I suppose it is one thing to wreck someone’s life from a distance, but another thing altogether to face that person and defend your choices.

For those of you positively giddy over the idea that Big Energy will be brought to heel under the President’s new economic/re-election plan, allow me to explain to you how Big Energy benefits a community.

Yes, a Big Energy Company finds a place that contains oil or natural gas. So they need to punch a temporary hole in the ground to get the energy out. They also repair their divots and often spend a great deal of money doing things like improving wildlife habitat, but that is another story. 

Lincoln Brown

Lincoln Brown is the Program Director at KVEL Radio in Vernal, Utah. He hosts “The Lincoln Brown Show” Mondays through Fridays from 8-9 AM.