Lee  Culpepper

After being forced to subdue an 18-year-old classroom drug dealer with a hostility towards authority and an apathy for education, Santa Monica High School science teacher and wrestling coach, Mark Black, immediately found himself under attack from a second teenager inside his inner-city classroom. As if enduring multiple attacks were not enough for the day, Black then found himself abandoned by his politically correct superintendent.

After Black stopped the attack and hallway drug dealing, Santa Monica-Malibu Superintendent, Sandra Lyon, suspended the 60-year-old educator and emailed a controversial note to parents condemning Black while consoling the drug dealer’s family. Lyon’s inept leadership and treatment of the popular teacher has ignited multiracial outrage in the community.

Nevertheless, the local president of the NAACP, Darrell Goode, wants an investigation. According to Goode, if Black, who is white, “initiated” the incident by grabbing the student (slash drug dealer), who is black, “that could be a problem.” With asinine demands like that from politically powerful groups like the NAACP, is there any wonder why the students dealing drugs or assaulting and disrespecting their teachers feel entitled to do so?

Furthermore, the Obama administration and Attorney General Eric Holder deserve plenty of the blame here, too. The pressure the federal government is putting on administrators not to discipline specific racial groups disproportionally to others has made the jobs of even the most competent public school administrators nearly impossible.

Teachers across the country are fed up with sending disruptive and dangerous students to administrators only to have the administrators send the students right back to class. Teachers must provide laborious documentation to simply remove a bonafide juvenile delinquent or emotionally disturbed class clown from the room. In the meantime, well behaved students sit frustrated or disengaged as teachers and administrators shuffle trouble makers back and forth. All the while, the disruptive students often bask in the glory of the bedlam they impose.

Lee Culpepper

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