Lee  Culpepper

Now that gay marriage is legal in California, I feel a lot safer than I did last month. Islamic terrorists no longer need to fear waterboard interrogations, but I bet they will break just as easily when liberals force homosexual marriages down their throats.

Then again, liberals normally subject only conservative Americans to queer (as in perplexing) policies. Even liberals understand that discussing homosexuality with Muslims could potentially lead to increased violence. And obviously, coercing an Islamic terrorist to tolerate gay marriage violates the rules of multiculturalism.

Suddenly, I don’t feel so safe anymore.

In fact, I’m actually beginning to understand the Democrats’ approach to national security. Liberals pride themselves on their ability to recognize a victim when they see one. And apparently they see Islamic terrorists as the victims of America’s evil military.

Counterterrorism for Democrats revolves around rescuing jihadists from the Bush administration. It is as if Islamic terrorists are the left’s new minority class – a special interest group that liberals can nurture at taxpayers’ expense. Perhaps the Democrats see Islamic terrorists as a future voting block. Don’t laugh -- the Supreme Court just invented their right to habeas corpus.

Furthermore, Democrats have spared no taxpayer expense when it comes to terrorist entitlements or safe havens. At Gitmo, our tax dollars are spent to supply every detainee with his own personal Qur’an and prayer mat. Detainees receive three meals a day, healthcare, recreational exercise (like volleyball), a bed, clean linen, a working toilet, organized prayer time, a trip to the Caribbean, and now a constitutional right to America’s judicial system. Throw in the words “hope” and “change” and you practically have Obama’s campaign promises.

Meanwhile, our Marines and soldiers are sleeping in dirt, digging cat holes to relieve themselves, nursing wounds on the battlefield, eating MREs, and paying for their own Bibles – unless they accept one donated by private charities.

As for another revolting reality, Democrats in Congress fall all over themselves rushing to express their loathing towards Marines or soldiers merely accused of wrongdoing. But when allegations prove to be false, as in the bogusly labeled “Haditha Massacre” (or the sham story of the world’s smallest Qur’an being flushed down a toilet), Democrats like John Murtha offer no apologies to these Marines or our military. Instead, the congressmen scurry off -- retreating towards the nearest elevator.

Lee Culpepper

A former Marine Corps officer and a recovering high school English teacher, Lee Culpepper is a Christian, husband, writer, and mentor. Read and share other articles by Lee Culpepper at TheBlaze and BearingArms. Email Lee your feedback or inquiries here or contact Lee on Twitter @drcoolpepper.