Larry Provost

This week, Islamic protestors surrounded a synagogue in Paris. Islamists threw rocks, and several tried to enter the synagogue with bats, chairs, an axe, and other weapons. One hundred and fifty Jews were trapped inside.

Ten thousand Muslims were protesting, in Paris, regarding Israel’s response to Hamas; a terrorist organization targeting the Israeli population with rockets and drones. The Muslims converged on the Don Isaac Abravanel Synagogue, and began chanting “Slaughter the Jews,” “Death to Jews” and “Hitler was right.” 10,000 Muslims vs. 150 Jews inside for a service were the odds of the day.

As if that were not enough intolerance, the Muslims attacked the synagogue.

The incident was partially caught on tape.

An eyewitness reported to a U.S. source:

“In front of the Synagogue at Rue de la Roquette where a service was organized for [peace in] Israel, only six assault policemen were nearby. They had blocked only one road to stop the mob. As a result, hundreds of Arabs arrived from the other side of the street.

There were 80 young people positioned at the entrance to protect the synagogue. Our group made a barricade against hundreds of assailants for several minutes while they threw glass bottles, chairs, planks of wood, stones, and blocks of cement. One of the assailants had an axe. There were only six assault policemen at the other side of the road who were unwilling to move to help us protect the synagogue.

I went over and shouted at them (the police) asking them why they didn’t move. The answer was “the assault policemen are arriving.” Meanwhile, the fight continued. We retreated then we made the assailants retreat. The assault police arrived.

The police pushed back the Arabs. Meanwhile the women and elderly people were stuck in the synagogue, terrified. Only an hour later did the cops reestablish peace. This did not stop a Muslim woman from saying “dirty race, you are a minority, we are millions.” Meanwhile hundreds of Muslims went towards the Rue des Rosiers to attack the Jewish quarter. They were pushed back by the police.

The street was a war zone, blocked off to cars, with smashed windows and hundreds of policemen in assault gear. A row of policemen and Jewish civilians stood in front of the synagogue. They were bracing for another Arab mob. Several people inside the synagogue were told to stay until a police escort could take them home.”

Larry Provost

Larry Provost currently works in Washington, D.C.