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The Occupy Wall Street mobs are getting plenty of attention from the media. The microphones are on.  The cameras are rolling.  The reporters are standing by, eager to get the mob’s message out.

But as is being chronicled all over the country, the radicals are the ones grabbing the limelight.

KTLA 5 recently did a news story about how #OccupyLA has now spread to the school district. Leftists have now claimed residency at #OccupyLAUSD.  Progressive activists have ruled those schools for years, but at least now they are being open about it.

The KTLA 5 story included comments from two far left LAUSD teachers: Sarah Knopp and Ron Gochez. Both are well known radicals.

In an EAGtv video from earlier this year, Knopp, along with a representative of the International Socialist Organization, discussed ways in which she pushes Marxism in the classroom.

Ron Gochez, a self-described Marxist, ranted in a different video about “global struggle against imperialism and capitalism.” He described Los Angeles as “stolen, occupied Mexico.”

Democrats and moderate leftists have attempted to portray the occupations around the country as the left-wing Tea Party.  It is anything but.  What we’re seeing is a highly organized movement of far-left radicals who are using America’s current economic malaise as the pretext for scrapping the free market system in favor of socialism. 

Kyle Olson

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