Kyle Olson

In his song, "With God On Our Side," Bob Dylan pondered just whose side God was on in conflict and war.

In Michigan, union sympathizers think it's theirs. Strangely, I've never found the words "collective bargaining" or "pension" in the Bible. And no offense, but I think God is a little bigger than worrying about material things given by the state.

But that apparently didn't register with Rev. D. Alexander Bullock, head of the Detroit chapter of the Rainbow PUSH coalition.

In his prayer before the latest union protest on the Capitol steps, he prayed for God to "wither" the hands of anyone that would sign bills reforming pensions or collective bargaining. I have to admit I don't think I've ever heard a prayer - especially in such a public setting - seeking physical harm to opponents. The video comes courtesy of the Lansing State Journal and you can see it here.

Seeing that the protests and cruel signs are doing the trick, Rainbow PUSH and all the unions are bringing inn the big guns: God.

Should I be nervous? Or scared? Does God even care? Is this just latest distortion of his position and intent?

I don't know, but something tells me he's not taking sides in the unions' war on taxpayers.

Kyle Olson

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