Kristan Hawkins

As an abortion abolitionist, my goal is to not just make abortion an unthinkable option in the mind of every American, not to dramatically reduce the number of abortions, but to make abortion illegal.

Yet, many pro-life Americans have trouble themselves envisioning this future, a one where every American, born or preborn, is welcomed in life and protected by law. A future where we go back to an America where preborn children are protected members of our society and, yet, move forward into an America that seeks to really help those women facing an unplanned, crisis pregnancy, ensuring she has the support and resources she needs to parent or place her child when an adoptive family, forward into an America that doesn't shun her or hid her away for 9 months.

And it's my job to help paint this vision, so that others will see the possibility of what is to come and join our human rights campaign.

But first, we must dispel the 41 year old fear tactic that Planned Parenthood and their allies love to propagate - that abortion must be legal, in order to be "safe" for women, to protect women from dying in back alleys. Even though the majority of America rejects abortion, we have been told that we must accept it in order to protect women. That is simply not the case.

It's time we stop backing away from they fear tactic and engaging in this debate.

This week, Students for Life of America has launched a ground-breaking new campaign, the "What has Roe Done for Us?" Tour. In the next few weeks, we will reach 26 campuses, in 20 states breaking down the abortion industry's fear tactic and that old stand-by argument they bust out whenever they begin to lose a debate on abortion.

Our 13 billboards don't focus on the preborn baby girl or baby boy who dies in every abortion; instead, they focus on her. Our wall of victims doesn't list the name of every baby killed by legal abortion; instead, it lists the name of every mother.

Our tour walks her though a conversation about abortion.

We show her what Roe v. Wade has given us, pointing out that suicide rates among aborting women are 6 times higher than those who give birth, showing her that 53 out of 68 worldwide studies have proven that abortion increases a woman's risk for breast cancer, and highlighting the undisputed fact that abortion significantly increases her risk for pre-term delivery in future pregnancies.

Kristan Hawkins

Kristan Hawkins is the President of Students for Life of America, the nation’s largest pro-life youth organization with over 700 groups nationwide. She is author of the new book “Courageous: Students Abolishing Abortion in this Lifetime.”