Kevin McCullough

The grand jury's indictment read as one of the most disgusting litanies of murder we've seen in all of western culture.

For over two decades Kermitt Gosnell illegally sold prescriptions by day, and on the side, induced early delivery in expectant, indigent, and immigrant mothers. When those induced deliveries did not kill the child off, Gosnell would then either snip the spinal cord with a pair of scissors, slit the throat of the child, or have an assistant (usually unlicensed) do the same.

The women who survived these procedures on at least two occasions fared no better, and now the nation knows that this serial killer will, with any justice at all, go away for the rest of his life. At least he should.

As news of Gosnell's West Philadelphia "practice" made headlines this week you could not help but be moved by the torture, pain, and death this person caused.

The outrage was justifiable.

The discussions of how he was allowed to operate under the radar screen for so long were more than valid. Legitimate questions that were raised by the grand jury deserve answers, and the tax-payers of Pennsylvania need to know that such animals will be dealt with harshly, efficiently, and my preference woul d be--permanently.

Gosnell's last state inspection, according to public records, was in 1993. The general state of things at his clinic location seemed to verify this as human remains and medical waste were stored in boxes in the basement dating from that time. The stories of how he had allowed women to bleed out in the same facilities where his cats would urinate and defecate have been confirmed by multiple women.

He was a monster. He was out of control. He deserves justice to the fullest measure--even if that were to mean the state took his life as a result.

It was as I was reading the details of the procedures he seemed to prefer to perform that I was suddenly struck by an overwhelming question that has not yet gone from my mind.

Why are we so outraged now?

The truth is, the procedure Gosnell preferred is not new. Third term, especially "late term," abortions are performed the same way in overwhelming numbers.

Commonly referred to as "partial birth abortions" the procedure begins the same was as the "Gosnell abortion." Inducing labor and beginning the delivery of the child is where most of the children are lost in both procedures. As many as 75% of the children lose their lives in the process of early induced labor. Leaving roughly 25% of the children involved to have their lives terminated through an additional step.

In partial birth abortion, the child is delivered to within two inches of being free of the birth canal. In the "Gosnell" he delivered the child completely.