Kevin McCullough

Since Mel Gibson has never been convicted of a violent crime, since he has never used a gun in a violent fashion, and since there is increasing suspicion as to the release of those awful tapes this week, the judge presiding over the nastiness between Gibson and former girlfriend should be careful in how he proceeds.

I listened to the Mel Gibson tapes this week. I'm fully aware of the horrendous things Mel Gibson said to another human being. Nothing that I am about to explain defends those actions in any way.

It is also true that while Perez Hilton and the rest of the voyeur industry of muck and shame have taken great delight in Gibson's downfall over the past few weeks, nary a word is mentioned about that other Hollywood icon who got to rape young girls with impunity a few years back, and this week went free. In fact when the Swiss decided to allow Roman Polanski to walk it may have been the only significant statement they've made on an international matter in a century or two. The Swiss never can quite seem to summon up the courage to call nazism, totalitarianism, or even terrorism--immoral.

So what's a little child rape between soulless nations?

But I digress.

This week a judge ordered Mel Gibson to turn in or get rid of all firearms in his possession and to submit a statement to the court asserting as much. The impetus for doing so is a claim by Gibson's former girlfriend that the actor waived a gun in her face and mumbled something about showing her "how to get out of here real fast (link) ." This is a claim that has no evidence besides the girlfriend's testimony. Testimony that needs to be questioned for a variety of reasons. All such accusations should always be tested and verified before singularly usurping a non-felon's Constitutionally protected second amendment rights.

This week besides the horrific audio that got splashed conveniently across every news channel, while the Polanski get-away-with-rape-for-free-fest transpired simultaneously, the media also failed to mention the evaluation of those leaked tapes by two top audio forensic experts. "Exceptional quality" and "professionally made" were just the early observations (link) by the experts identified in Hollywood based media outlets this week. One of the experts demonstrated through sophisticated audio analysis (link) how many redactions had been eliminated from the original recording.