Kevin McCullough

"The investigation into the Christmas Day incident continues, and we're learning more about the suspect. We know that he traveled to Yemen, a country grappling with crushing poverty... It appears that he joined an affiliate of al-Qaeda, and that this group... trained him, equipped him with those explosives and directed him to attack that plane headed for America," Obama said.

President Obama, from his early days on the campaign trail forward, has always been quick to link terrorists (though he will not call them that) with poverty across the globe. The idea is dishonest, misleading, and purposefully misconstrues the point of the issue. It also gives Obama incredible cover, though it insults the very people he made campaign promises to.

Arguing with Idiots By Glenn Beck

In doing so, President Obama makes us weaker, causes us to look in the wrong places, and at the end of the day, this says a great deal about his own commitment to what is required to be his foremost concern: the safety of Americans. It is bad enough that President Obama is blind to the realities of the challenges the terrorists pose to us, but he should be ashamed at his tact in how he attempts to force us to view the world through his sorely out of focus, rose-colored spectacles.

The quote at the top of this column is from President Obama's Saturday weekly radio address to the nation. I'd like to congratulate President Obama for, after nine days, finally admitting that what appeared obvious to every American (with the exception of perhaps his own Homeland Security Secretary) was finally evident to him as well.

America was attacked by Al Qaeda on Christmas Day. We might also add that the only reason it did not take the life of a couple hundred Americans is because the magical undergarments were unable to be ignited.

But what if it had taken place? Would President Obama still have taken nine days to admit to the American people that the attempted attack was an Al Qaeda action? (This was also very reminiscent of his statement on the violence in Iran following their elections when it took him ten days to decide that the people of Iran had the right to be rather put off by a rigged election. He also evidently only came to that conclusion after a beautiful Iranian woman was mowed down by gunfire on international television and the footage aired repeatedly.)

Why can't this president ever seem to grasp the obvious? Except when he finally does?