Kevin McCullough

When Tiger Woods wrapped his SUV around a neighborhood tree, following his running over a fire hydrant, few if any knew of the damage that would be done to his family in the following days. With what looks likely to have been more than a dozen women, with more being revealed each news cycle, no one is surprised that the wealthiest athlete ever and the most successful golfer in history is experiencing the pain that is his to bear. Causing his children and wife to be put a risk of life, health, reputation, and a stable home, the golfer is depressed, saddened, and to no one's surprise desiring to withdraw to his gated community, and even to his window-shades-drawn home as he seeks to examine his sinful nature, his ability to hurt those he loved, and wonder if his life will ever get put back together again.

Yet for all the agony that Woods' actions have caused his God, wife, children, endorsement clients, and fans his actions pale in comparison to the merciless march the current administration is on to empower themselves, seek to increase the divide between the powerful and the needy, and in the end ruin the lives of families in America today.

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If Tiger, as he has wisely chosen, decides to take one, five, even ten years away from the spotlight, away from golf, away from the distractions that he could not resist, his voluntary "unemployment" might impact the level of living that his family would be able to do.

Every day that President Obama pushes for the government take over of health care he injures families by the thousands across America. Every day that President Obama contemplates the idea of spending trillions more of yours and my tax dollars, the less the chances of his being able to reduce the non-voluntary unemployment/under-employment rates that are now drastically impacting one out of every five families in America. (By comparison at President Bush's jobs crisis peak - only one out of every fourteen families were impacted.) And by refusing to seriously address the need for job creation, and by invoking ridiculous and silly propositions like "jobs saved" the President demonstrates a callousness not to one injured spouse, but to an aching nation.