Kevin McCullough

I've given up on the rule of law.

It seems not to matter to the "enlightened" judiciary of the modern liberal world, so why should it matter to me?

When those who even know the truth succumb to the fear that they won't reach tenure on the law school university campus if they do not tout the leftist propaganda then we can be fairly certain society is doomed. Right?

Maybe not...

In Italy Beppino Englaro has had a tough time doing what he could have easily achieved here in the United States--legally kill his loved one. Beppino's daughter Eluana is not terminally ill but Beppino has sought to have her life ended in a cruel and inhumane way--dehydration and starvation. Not surprisingly the academic and legal elites in his nation have stood with him, helping him mount the despicably curious and bold case to allow his own daughter to be dehydrated and starved, the courts went along with it and allowed it to be so ruled.

But here's where the surprise has come in, the ministry of health has warned all clinics within Italy to not participate in the ruling thus effectively allowing the woman to continue living while those who seek her death--now knocked back on their pragmatic heels--must find another strategy to plot her demise.

To date international awareness of the Eluana Englaro case has been relatively small. But not to those who remember that early part of 2005 when our own academic law school elites, pro-death "doctors," a judge who shall forever be shamed, and a husband who had previously vowed to love his wife until death parted them formed a gaggle that brought another innocent woman's life to a legal end via dehydration and starvation--Terri Schindler Schiavo.

See in a nation where there was no clearly communicated intent on how Terri would've chosen in the matter of taking her own life, when she was not terminally ill, nor even in a comatose state, the rule of law meant zilch. All that stood between her "husband" and the financial settlement, his new life with another woman, and now a featured gig on the Florida homosexual "rights" speaking circuit was twenty days of starvation and dehydration. All he had to do was partner up to high powered attorneys and a corrupt judge to shut down dissent, counter argument, and even second opinion in Terri's medical conditions, then he could after about three weeks be assured of his brand new start in life.