Kevin McCullough

"Forgive me my sins, and help me guard against pride and despair." - On a purely theological note, if Barack Obama was in fact the evangelical Christian he claims to be, he would already understand that in a permanent sense his sins were forgiven at the moment of salvation. Yet it is refreshing to note that he is willing to express to the Almighty his dependency and need for help. Certainly something republicans and democrats alike all need help with.

"Give me the wisdom to do what is right and just." - Wisdom, righteousness, and justice are the exact legacy I personally wish to leave my children and the world after my time on earth is concluded. A worthy thing to ask to be certain. Yet it is a tricky one for Obama. Given the fact that he consistently KNOWS the RIGHT thing to do and doesn't do it, could cause one to think this expression is less than sincere. For example to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the moment Michelle had given birth to either of his daughters that he was experiencing a miracle of an almost indescribable degree is amazing. To know that the little life that he held in his hands in those moments was so meticulously planned by that same Creator, should be evidence and clarity in spades. Why then would State Senator Obama be so insistent to advocate for the deaths - not of unborn children (which he certainly has) , but of children that had survived a procedure designed to take their life - yet had survived all the same. Is it wisdom, is it justice, is it righteousness to argue for the mandated killing of these innocent - born - children?

"And make me an instrument of your will." - Again a theological nuance but he did not capitalize "Y" in your, technically indicating he was not speaking to God. But let's agree he intended to. Should God use him as an "instrument," if he has no desire to reflect "His" will? As Barack Obama has promised to sign the Freedom of Choice Act as his first priority in office, what is consistent with God's will in the premeditated killing of children? Or in removing laws that establish their rights to know of the health and emotional consequences of what will happen to them, heightening the chances of contracting cancers of the breast or uterine? Or in removing the rights of the parents to lovingly guide their daughters to healthy choices about life, sex, and values? The Freedom of Choice Act, by his own admission his highest priority upon reaching office, would eradicate all of this progress and more.

Theologically speaking I find Obama's prayer humble, and something along the lines of what I endeavor to pray on a daily basis as well.

I just hope that Mr. Obama would pay attention to the words he penned, and allow them to change parts of him, that presently seem rather numb to the work of the Almighty.