Kevin McCullough

Spending $60, $70, even $90 for a fill up at the gas station is fun right? When it comes to crippling, racist, and economically debilitating energy policy liberals have truly paralyzed America. And they seem proud of their efforts. In the left's refusal to allow us to seek new energy sources they are stunting a nation's economy, they are hurting the average family, and they are starving hungry children.

They also have the gall to do all of this under the guise of feigned outrage at oil companies in addition to self-superior Senate floor speeches where they rage against the administration. They also express abject resentment towards anyone who dares to mention the obvious - that it is their policies that put us in this mess to begin with and disallows our escape from it.

If you want a mere glimpse of their hypocrisy revisit Gore v. Bush. I'm not referring to the court case, but their living arrangements. Bush lives in a solar powered home designed for maximum conservation impact in his Crawford ranch. Al Gore's home has not been converted to solar power, and only a year ago was exposed for having toxic waste on his property that was actually polluting the local water supplies. But this simple comparison barely scratches the surface as to the left's energy scam.

The real pinch that you feel at the pump exists for multiple reasons. Nearly all of them the fault of liberals.

Repeatedly they criticize the administration for having to work with Middle Eastern nations that sell us oil, they mock us for having to beg Saudi princes to increase production, yet they refuse to do the things that would cause the Saudi's and other members of OPEC to lower prices naturally.

This last week the nation of Brazil discovered enough oil sitting only 130 miles off their coast to give them the equivalent of nineteen years worth of oil by their current usage standards. That's nineteen years that they don't have to purchase oil from anywhere else.