Kevin James

Posted May 04, 2009

I am convinced that President Obama’s choice is obvious.

Posted March 30, 2009

Zimbabwe should not be making American law.

Posted March 20, 2009

Just two weeks ago, President Obama and his Congress handed over another $30 billion to AIG (on top of the two prior rounds of taxpayer money AIG got under Bush – with Obama’s support).

Posted March 06, 2008

McCain should seize his newfound stature within “the world’s greatest deliberative body” to take five steps necessary to convince Americans that he has finally learned his lesson about our nation’s dangerously porous borders.

Posted January 21, 2008

By now, you’ve probably heard about the proposal of the California Energy Commission to require that all new homes in the state be outfitted with a “programmable communicating thermostat,” an Orwellian device which would allow the government to control the temperature inside your house.

Posted December 20, 2007

Actions speak louder than words, and legal actions often speak loudest of all – which is why the absence of lawsuits from certain major league baseball players is louder than the fireworks after a Fourth of July game.

Posted December 07, 2007

Our efforts to end the illegal alien invasion occasionally need a good shot in the arm.

Posted July 09, 2007

Members of the U.S. Senate seemed genuinely surprised that the American people so vehemently objected to the Senate Immigration Reform Bill. The reason was obvious – the Senate had no credibility whatsoever regarding the "enforcement" or "security" aspects of the bill.

Posted June 18, 2007

Why isn’t anyone talking about the new governmental agency needed to implement the Senate’s “comprehensive” immigration reform bill?