Ken Blackwell

Conservatives in Congress need to move quickly to staunch the flow of blood, literally, in our military. The Fort Hood shootings proved convincingly that political correctness is lethal. Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey ran to the Sunday talk shows to say it would be a “tragedy” if our diversity were a casualty of this incident. No, General, it was your misguided approach to diversity that led scores of officers to look the other way as Nidal Hasan breathed mutiny and sedition daily—for years.

All service members take an oath—before God—to defend the Constitution “from all enemies, foreign and domestic.” That oath must be enforced. Up and down the chain of command, our all-volunteer military personnel must know that we will have their backs. It does not matter if the service member is a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, a Hindu, or a Buddhist. There can be only zero tolerance for terror and for terror sympathizers.

Nidal Hasan presented power point lectures on why jihad was right! He had a business card printed with “Soldier of Allah!” He yelled “Allahu Akbar” as he murdered 14 Americans on his shooting rampage. And yet, under this bewildered administration, the official Department of Defense investigation of the incident never mentioned Islamist violence or jihad. This must end.

Conservatives in Congress should investigate the missed signals, the warnings unheeded in this worst case of domestic terrorism since 9/11.

Second, conservatives in Congress should not allow rogue federal judges to rule on the status of avowed homosexuality in the ranks of our military. To have a low-level federal judge presume to rule on the military is a serious breach of the Constitution. Article I, Section 8, Clause 14 states: “The Congress shall have Power to…make rules for the Government of the land and naval Forces…” Clearly, unambiguously, the Constitution gives to Congress the power to regulate the military.

It would be equally inappropriate for the courts to rule that homosexuals may not serve in our all-volunteer force. The power to decide such questions is given to Congress and to no one else. Many candidates are on the hustings proclaiming themselves “constitutional conservatives.” Good for them. I hope they will reassert Congress’ constitutional power over the military.

Ken Blackwell

Ken Blackwell, a contributing editor at, is a senior fellow at the Family Research Council and the American Civil Rights Union and is on the board of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. He is the co-author of the bestseller The Blueprint: Obama’s Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial Presidency, on sale in bookstores everywhere..
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