Katie Kieffer

Posted February 01, 2016

Inconsistency on healthcare and abortion helped Mitt Romney lose in 2012, especially among young voters. Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary voters: heres what you need to know to elect a winner.

Posted January 25, 2016

A blizzard worse than Blizzard 2016an icy storm of furious American votersis descending upon Washington as voters prepare a revenge mutiny.

Posted January 18, 2016

To win the White House, you must make all four bases in the game of political baseball. The Republican National Committee is trying to win by skipping the bases altogethera recipe for striking out.

Posted January 11, 2016

Posted January 04, 2016

This aint George Orwell fiction. Its real life, baby. Youre being watched and your identity is in peril. Beware of Chinese spies.

Posted December 28, 2015

For over 40 years, Hillary Clinton has been pushing to put women in combat and now shes close to succeedingwhether women like it or not.

Posted December 21, 2015

Star Wars offers five priceless political lessons that the newest movie, The Force Awakens, reminds us to exercise. Grab your lightsaber and fear not: Ill steer clear of spoilers as I explain how we can take back our American Dreams.

Posted December 14, 2015

I want coal for Christmas, and not because Ive been a naughty girl. I want coal so I can affordably power up the high-tech toys Santa is bringing me, including an electronic butler who cleans and cooks and a modern, coal-fired steam locomotive that will allow me to bypass the TSA Snooper Troopers when I travel cross-country.

Posted November 30, 2015

14-year-old Clock Boy Ahmed Mohamed has nothing on 5-year-old Dandelion Boy Drew Johnson. Hands down, Johnson is the real victim of our politically correct culture.

Posted November 23, 2015

If U.S. drone policy werent so treacherous, it would be a comedy on par with the hit movie Dumb and Dumber. Instead, U.S. drone policy is just plain dumb.

Posted November 16, 2015

After washing down your depression with a shot of whiskey, pull yourself together. Ill help you get your job backfrom Mexico.

Posted November 09, 2015

Check your privilege, President Obama. Specifically, your executive privilege.

Posted November 02, 2015

If the GOP establishment wants to win in 2016, they should stop biting our hands as we spoon food into its mouthor prepare to starve.

Posted October 26, 2015

Hillary Clinton didnt become Washington, D.C.s #1 Girl Gone Wild by winning wet T-shirt contests but by offering the most seductive plan on college affordability. Heres how we can beat her at her own wild game

Posted October 19, 2015

GOP elites are drawing on fine cigars while drawing up a secret plan to crush top-polling candidates Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

Posted October 12, 2015

So sue me, is the swaggering phrase grade-schoolers used to employ to show bullies they could care less about their petty taunts.

Posted October 05, 2015

All in favor of more separation between sports and state, raise your beer koozies and stop millions of dollars from being wasted on bad coaches and old stadiums.

Posted September 28, 2015

God saw all the things that he had made and they were very good yet EPA policies imply Gods creation, especially CO2-exhaling humans, is very bad. Whos right?

Posted September 21, 2015

Government shutdowns are not cancer and today Ill show why we must stop taking the bait. Indeed, Ill show why we will lose elections if we are unwilling to shut down the government in order to protect human life and reform immigration policy.

Posted September 14, 2015

You need to know how Hillarys email scandal is taxing your bank account and your familys security. On the surface, Hillary appears to have a political black eye. In reality, its we who are bearing her costs at the FBI; the State Department and in Congress. Let me explain