John Ransom

This week's comments cover Obama's re-election strategy, the faux outrage police, faux conservatives, and Dolts of the Chevy or Clash line.    

Gerald wrote: Mr. Ransom is overstating the significance of the recent "slights" of Obama. Make no mistake, Obama will be a difficult person to defeat in 2102 and any effort to make him seem "irrelevant" to the voters is unwise. –in response to my column Obama Goes Doh!-for-97, 98, 99, 100!

Dear Gerald,

I think you are confusing getting elected with governing.

I certainly think that Obama should be the odds on favorite to be re-elected. Any president has a significant advantage campaigning.

But I’m not talking about making him “seem” irrelevant. I’m talking about pointing out that in the national debate he is irrelevant.

He couldn’t get a single vote for his budget; he could only muster about 25 percent of the 

House to vote for his “clean” bill on the debt ceiling.

All you need to hear is the growing criticism from Hispanics to let you know how badly Obama has lost control of his own destiny.

Darby O'Gill wrote: Stillborn??? Crib-death??? What a lousy choice of words....I'll skip this column. –in response to my column Obama Goes Doh!-for-97, 98, 99, 100!

Dear Darby,

I knew someone would be offended when I used the words stillborn and crib-death

Congratulations. You’ve fulfilled my lowest expectations.

I wasn’t going allow the faux outrage police stop me from using words that best describe my point.

Too often we allow the debate about issues get hijacked by people who want to talk about how something was expressed. They do this to distract from the emptiness of their own ideas.

The Right needs to stop feeding the trolls who encourage outrage about style at the expense of substance, even those from our own side.

John Ransom

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