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For believers, Happy Easter. For the rest of you, you’re welcome for the holiday.

I’m taking today off for Good Friday observance.  

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have time to answer a little mail.  

Since Friday for me- at least this week- is the new Saturday, here’s a bonus edition of Email, Hate Mail and Comments from Readers.


And thanks for doing the hard work of freedom.

Bud wrote: Ransom must have memory loss. George Bush made a real mess of the economy and cannot be let off the hook by revisionist history.- in response to my column The Democrat Debt Mess.  

Dear Bud,

The actual GDP numbers don’t bear out what you are saying.

I think Bush inherited at least as severe crisis with 9-11 as Obama did with the economy in 2009.

When you shut down lower Manhattan, as the Trade Center collapse did, you tend to have pretty hard consequences economically. The difference was that Bush took common sense, proven steps to shore up GDP. Obama did not.

One guy was ready to be president, one guy still is not.

Also, the Democrats have been in charge in Congress since the 2006 elections.

But, you know, keep blaming George Bush, Bud; no one is listening.

Lon wrote: When Ransom describes entitlements and road building as a boondoggle, he is making clear that he considers providing a safety net for the poor, the elderly, and the disabled, the groups protected by those entitlements, to be things to be dismissed. -in response to my column Tax Congress!

Dear Lon,

That’s’ not what I wrote.

I knew liberals couldn’t write well, but I thought at least you could read.

Why is it that Democrats are O.K. with corrupt politicians like Ray Lahood, Rahm Emmanuel and Bill Daley running things?

These are guys who are connected.

By connected, I mean “bang-bang, drop ‘em in concrete.”  

Why do you put up with criminals in your midst, protect and encourage terrorists and promote racists like Al Sharpton?

Instead, you blame rich people, who pay most of the bill.

John Ransom

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