John Kass

With the Russians on the prowl, the Chinese hacking into our computers, Boko Haram in Nigeria triggering fear and celebrity hashtags, the last thing America needs is to lose a trusted ally:


But the great Anglo-American alliance is threatened by the reality TV show "I Wanna Marry 'Harry,'" which premiered Tuesday on Fox and which mocks foolish young American women who think they can shake their hips and marry an English royal.

This stupid show does more damage to NATO than Jack Bauer shooting English protesters in the legs outside the American Embassy in London the other night (also on Fox).

I promise you that Jack Bauer knew what he was doing.

He shot the anti-American protesters in the back of the knees so the bullets came out the shins. But he didn't take any pleasure in hurting those crazed Labour Party protesters shrieking anti-American epithets.

What's more, he shot them gently, and then only to create a diversion so he could sneak into the embassy, knock out about 20 Marines (without killing anyone) and save the president.

"I Wanna Marry 'Harry'" undoes all of Jack Bauer's hard work. It's delicious, if you're a hard-bitten English leftist mocking foolish female celebrity vixens and our pathetic American hunger for all things royal.

So if it's not the most stupid show in the history of stupid shows, it's got to be among the top 10, ranking up there with "The Flying Nun," "Homeboys in Outer Space" or "My Mother the Car."

Here's how this one works: A dozen young women in short skirts, some of whom have competed in beauty pageants, all with good hair, are flown to an English country estate with sweeping grounds and servants.

And they are given a fantasy worthy of a princess. They're told they have a chance to win the love of one of the world's most eligible bachelors.

As the young ladies have tea -- this is England, after all -- a helicopter lands on the wide lawn below and out climbs a carrot-topped young man. He looks exactly like, well, a peer of the realm, and the American girls begin squealing with delight.

"Oh, my God," says one American girl, either the one studying molecular biology or the one who participates in beauty pageants.

"That's Prince Harry, and I know it," says another, her hands to her face. "I know it."

Many OMGs and broad facial expressions later, the fun really starts. They drink cosmos and champagne, and the impostor who is not really Prince Harry takes them on "romantic getaway" dates.