John Hawkins

McDonald's feeds 68 million people a day, 88 percent of the WORLD population recognizes the Golden Arches, and 1 in 8 Americans has worked there during his lifetime.

Is McDonald's a great restaurant? Not really. It wouldn't be on most people's Top 10. How many people have a favorite food that's on its menu? Again, probably not many. Yet, it represents one of the greatest success stories in the history of business and the Republican Party can learn a lot from McDonald’s.

1) McDonald’s entire business is focused on doing things for its customers: McDonald's doesn't tell people they should eat there to help small business. It doesn't tell its customer to eat McChicken sandwiches in order to make America a better place to live. It doesn't explain why you need to show up every week so it can keep its fry cooks employed. Instead, its ads suggest you should come to McDonald's because you're hungry and it will do a great job of feeding you. As an extra added bonus, if you're a parent, you can bring your kid and it will give him a toy and a place to play for an hour so you can relax for thirty minutes while your kid obsesses over the slide.

Ultimately, people vote for politicians because they want to MAKE THEIR LIFE BETTER. Sure, voters may also care about the Constitution, the country, and their kid's future, but most of them are going to vote for the politician they believe will change their life for the better in some fashion -- or at least not make it worse. So, what are Republicans going to offer? Will we cut the price of gas? Will we reduce energy costs? Will we stop crime in their area? Will we reduce their taxes? Will we save their health care? Principles and big themes matter, but ultimately, we're going to win elections by the same way McDonald's wins customers: by fulfilling the personal wants and needs of the voters.

2) McDonald’s delivers what it promises: Whether you go to a McDonald's in Charlotte or Chicago, New Orleans or New York, Detroit or Dallas, you're going to find the restaurant, the food, the menu and service is all basically the same. You don't find moose heads on the walls in Alaska and a Big Mac isn't actually a taco in Texas. McDonald's may not be the best restaurant in the world, but you at least know what you're getting.

John Hawkins

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