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Ron Paul is doing surprisingly well this year in some of the early primary state polls. There's a simple reason for that: Most people in the conservative media have concluded he can't win the nomination, they don't want to get yelled at by his supporters, and so they've laid off of him while most of the other candidates have had to face ferocious criticism. I'd be content to ignore Paul, too, except for the fact that there's an outside chance he could win Iowa, which is of course, perfectly ridiculous. Why is that ridiculous?

Ron Paul is absolutely, unconditionally unelectable. By that, I mean that Barack Obama would have a genuine shot to beat Ron Paul in all 50 states, including Texas and Utah. If Hillary Clinton ran as a third party candidate, Obama would still probably take more than 40 states against Paul. If Obama DIED with 3 months left in the election and his campaign was suspended, he'd PROBABLY STILL beat Paul by a margin larger than the one he had against McCain in 2008.

Now, you may be saying, "How can this be? Paul loves the Constitution! He's fiscally conservative! He raises money! He has dedicated fans! I agree with him on so many things!"

"Let me tell you exactly what Barack Obama’s strategy with Ron Paul would be. He would run a devastating negative campaign against Paul that would paint him as a kooky dangerous crank. Incidentally, his look fits right into that meme. Squeaky voice, odd, rambling speech pattern, weird head and arm movements, ill fitting suit..."

Setting aside the fact that Ron Paul already ran for President on the Libertarian ticket in 1988 and only pulled .47% of the vote, he's made a lot of comments that would scare the ever living hell out of most Americans. All Obama would have to do to beat Paul is run ad after ad featuring the things Paul has said and his victory would be guaranteed. Yes, people really don't like Obama and they would agree with Paul about a lot of things, but the American people would rather have a bad President than one they believe is an unstable radical. Read these quotes, imagine all of them being hammered home and twisted for months by the Obama campaign and its allies in the mainstream media, and you'll see why Ron Paul will never be President of the United States.

1) On Leaving the Republican Party in Reagan's Last Year of Office, 1988

John Hawkins

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