John Hawkins

If you just assume EVERY cry of "racism" in politics is illegitimate, you'll only occasionally be wrong. That's a consequence both of liberals thinking all conservatives are racist, sexist, homophobic and generally awful people by virtue of being conservative and because yelling "racism" is at the crux of the Left's political appeal to black Americans.

Black Americans have been voting heavily Democratic for almost 50 years and it has been an utter and complete disaster for them. Never has any constituency in American politics been so loyal to a political party with so little to show for it. Yet, all the Left has to do is say, "Those Republicans are racist," and it locks in 90% of the black vote. Until black Americans stop falling for the single most transparent ploy in all of politics and start basing their votes on who supports policies that will actually make their lives better, that's not going to change.

So, with Barack Obama coming up for re-election in 2012 and the Democrats knowing black turnout is one of the keys to his re-election, expect the charges of racism to be practically endless between now and November of 2012. And, folks, as you're about to see, when it comes to extremely silly charges of racism, there are practically no limits to how far the Left will go.

1) Resigning over the word "niggardly:" One day, David Howard was working for the government of D.C., but then, he used the word "niggardly." The next thing you know, such a furor rose up that Howard had to resign because so many ignorant people didn't know the difference between the word "niggardly," which means stingy and the N-bomb.

Eventually, after D.C. became a laughingstock over the incident, Howard did get rehired by the same mayor who originally said he "thought it was the best thing for the city and the administration" for Howard to resign. For using the word "niggardly." Yes, really.

2) Black hole, black whore, whatever! It was a cutesy talking Hallmark card for graduating high school students that referenced the solar system and a black hole. Who could have a problem with that?

It turns out the NAACP did because it insisted the words "black hole" on the card were actually "black whore." That makes perfect sense, right? After all, the words "black whore" obviously go with solar system references much better than the words "black hole" -- oh wait, no, they don't. Too bad no one alerted the NAACP.

John Hawkins

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