John Hawkins

Politics in America is a vicious, ugly bloodsport filled with lies, unpleasantness, and crudity. That's a big part of the reason why so many Americans desperately avoid discussing politics. Unfortunately, because manners are in short supply, particularly on the Left, it has become more and more difficult for people to escape raw politics in their daily lives. In all honesty, it shouldn't be that way. So, as a public service, here are some places where politics doesn't belong. If all of this is old hat to you because you weren't raised in a barn, feel free to forward it over to some of your liberal friends.

Church: If you want to say a prayer for the troops or the President of the country, that's fine, but most people don't come to church to hear the pastor's opinion on the political issues of the day. There have been times when pastors have gotten so political from the pulpit that I've been strongly tempted to boo. Maybe I should have given into temptation. It might focus some of these preachers on their Sunday morning job, which has nothing to do with pushing politics. Their flock didn't come to church to hear that and if they did, then maybe they should stop putting politics in front of God. The same goes for politicians who all seem to mysteriously get the urge to head to church right around Election Day. If the pastor is charitable enough to give you a moment to speak, talk about God and your faith, not your party and your career. Show a little respect.

Michelle Malkin

Funerals: Speaking of respect, how did we get to the point where funerals have become about politics? Hell, at Paul Wellstone's memorial service they did everything short of a balloon drop. Let me just tell you: If someone gets up at my funeral and starts talking about how we need to pass some tax cut because "John would have wanted it," I am going to kick the coffin open, beat him to death with my cold, dead hands and eat his brains, right there in front of the assembled crowd -- like a zombie from a George Romero flick. Most people die and are quickly forgotten. At least give them a decent send-off without cheapening their lives by corrupting their funerals with petty politics.

John Hawkins

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