John Hawkins

Posted July 29, 2014

Liberals are forever struggling to understand the basic tenets of human nature that most other people just take for granted.

Posted July 26, 2014

Terrible ideas never really die on the Left; they just come back over and over again, like a gas station sandwich after a night of heavy drinking.

Posted July 19, 2014

1) Liberalism is college professors and documentary filmmakers accumulating vast fortunes in a capitalistic system by decrying the evils of capitalism.

Posted July 15, 2014

“Could legalizing an estimated 11 million illegal aliens tip our precarious national finances into insolvency?

Posted July 12, 2014

There was a time when you could afford to ignore insane ideas in America, but these days you can barely manage to blurt out, "Nobody can be that stupid," before some liberal starts calling for them to be made into laws on MSNBC.

Posted July 08, 2014

1) No matter what they fail at, it's always someone else's fault. George Bush did it, the Republicans are mean, the dog ate Obama's homework. It's not his fault that he's flunking every class!

Posted July 05, 2014

Are you Hispanic, black, Asian, Jewish, gay, young, old, poor, or a woman? Well, then you may have heard that conservatives like me hate you.

Posted July 01, 2014

Some Democrats might point out John F. Kennedy's time in the White House, but in all fairness, he'd probably have more in common with Republicans like Scott Brown or Chris Christie than he would with liberals today.

Posted June 24, 2014

Today, grassroots conservative Chris McDaniel is going up against establishment Republican Thad Cochran in a primary election in Mississippi. Other than Dave Brat's victory over Eric Cantor, this has the potential to be the most important race of the election cycle so far.

Posted June 21, 2014

The only thing more disturbing than the arrogance, incompetence, and lawlessness of Barack Obama's administration is that most liberals are perfectly fine with everything he's doing.

Posted June 17, 2014

Believing that America will continue to be strong, prosperous and free no matter what we do is just as foolish as believing that a human being will continue to be healthy, happy and free if he consumes nothing but vodka, crack and doughnuts.

Posted June 14, 2014

The only reason liberalism survives is because there's usually a good bit of lag between when a policy is being implemented and the time when the American people get to see the results.

Posted June 10, 2014

It's hard to have an honest conversation about gay issues because liberals treat anything other than outright celebration of all things gay as "hate."

Posted June 07, 2014

5 High Crimes And Misdemeanors For Which Obama Deserves To Be Impeached

Posted June 07, 2014

Unfortunately, even if Republicans take back the Senate in 2014, there won't be enough votes in the upper chamber to get rid of Barack Obama. That's tragic, because for the good of country, Barack Obama deserves to be driven from office in disgrace.

Posted May 31, 2014

Calling someone a "racist" used to mean that a person disliked certain people because of their skin color.

Posted May 27, 2014

Maybe Americans just aren't as smart as they used to be because the Obama Administration continually offers up excuses that are just lame while even professional journalists take it seriously.

Posted May 24, 2014

All across America at this time of year, there are high school and college students graduating from our education system and heading into the real world.

Posted May 20, 2014

Usually when we talk about the harm illegal aliens do to Americans, we discuss the economic issues. They take jobs from Americans, they depress wages, they use services without paying taxes, they have kids here to leech off the goes on and on.

Posted May 17, 2014

The only thing that's easier for a conservative than beating up on an establishment Republican is thrashing a liberal. What we don't do so well is figuring out what we're doing wrong.