John Hawkins

Posted September 30, 2014

If someone came to a doctor and asked him to cut off a perfectly healthy arm because it just felt "wrong" for the arm to be there, should the doctor do it?

Posted September 27, 2014

Yesterday at Vaughan Foods a former employee decapitated one person and was stabbing another before he was shot to death by the company C.O.O. who may have stopped a massacre.

Posted September 23, 2014

It's easy to just chalk up Barack Obama's terrible performance as President to "liberalism" or "incompetence," but it goes so much further than that.

Posted September 16, 2014

People don't like to talk about America's culture for the same reason that a man who just had a heart attack doesn't want to discuss the double bacon cheeseburger he's eating.

Posted September 13, 2014

I once knew a guy who wanted to be a singer. I didnt think he could sing very well, but in all fairness, that never stopped Justin Bieber. In any case, I inquired as to whether he was in a band. He said, no. I asked whether he had a demo tape. Nope, he didnt. I wondered if he was regularly performing anywhere or getting lessons. Uh-uh, he wasnt. Baffled, I asked him how he expected to become a singer without doing any of those things. He told me that he was hoping to be discovered by someone in the music industry.

Posted September 09, 2014

I feel sorry for Millennials.

Posted September 06, 2014

Drum roll, please...

Posted September 02, 2014

Most people know Greg Gutfeld as the funny guy from Red Eye and The Five. However, hes also a brilliant writer who manages to make profound points in a funny way. Enjoy his quotes!

Posted August 30, 2014

Since Barack Obama has been the Hindenburg of Presidents on the domestic front, there hasn't been as much commentary as you'd expect about the fact that he has been the Titanic of Presidents on foreign policy.

Posted August 26, 2014

I feel sorry for Millennials. We are leaving them an almost insurmountable debt, an American Dream that seems tarnished, and chances are, they're not going to have it as good as their parents.

Posted August 19, 2014

If you say that we should have an "honest" discussion about what's going on in Ferguson, it makes people think that hard truths are going to be spoken and we're all going to deeply disagree.

Posted August 16, 2014

That American politicians have stopped asking the most basic questions about good governance.

Posted August 09, 2014

Why would anyone dislike Barack Obama? Could it be because of what he’s done in the White House? As you get a refresher on the national nightmare that has been Barack Obama’s presidency, keep in mind that the biggest difficulty in compiling it was limiting it to just 50 examples of corruption, dishonesty, and incompetence.

Posted August 05, 2014

As the late, great Eric Hoffer once said, "Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket."

Posted August 02, 2014

Republicans ahead of him on the golf course wouldn't let him play through; so he missed calls telling him ISIS was overrunning Iraq.

Posted July 29, 2014

Liberals are forever struggling to understand the basic tenets of human nature that most other people just take for granted.

Posted July 26, 2014

Terrible ideas never really die on the Left; they just come back over and over again, like a gas station sandwich after a night of heavy drinking.

Posted July 19, 2014

1) Liberalism is college professors and documentary filmmakers accumulating vast fortunes in a capitalistic system by decrying the evils of capitalism.

Posted July 15, 2014

“Could legalizing an estimated 11 million illegal aliens tip our precarious national finances into insolvency?

Posted July 12, 2014

There was a time when you could afford to ignore insane ideas in America, but these days you can barely manage to blurt out, "Nobody can be that stupid," before some liberal starts calling for them to be made into laws on MSNBC.