James Allen

Arizona is a fascinating state because of the extreme reactions its controversial legislation seems to elicit from the country.  It’s definitely the Wild West when it comes to legislation, with the recently passed immigration law known as SB1070. Then there is Arizona’s Proposition 200 from 2004 that required proof of citizenship in order to register to vote. It was approved by Arizona voters but was recently struck down by the 9th Circuit Court, dealing a blow to the very integrity of our elections. And don’ t forget the current legislative endeavors including a proposition that directly confronts the unconstitutional mandates in Obamacare and a proposition to undo the race-based hiring practices of Affirmative Action. To some, Arizona is on the cutting edge of states’ rights and law and order; to others it is a racist, hateful place that is violating human rights and is reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

In these 2010 elections, Arizona has the chance to be an important part of the Republican take-back of Congress, providing the opportunity to flip five House seats to the type of conservative Republicans the country needs. This is vital to re-shaping Congress. Arizona Congressional Districts 1, 3, 4, 5, and 8 are all up for grabs, and the support from Arizonans locally, and Americans nationally, is vital here.

James Allen

James Allen is host of the James Allen Show, a political newstalk show that airs on KKNT and AM 970 The Apple.

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